DKM 2016: another milestone
DKM 2016

2016-11-18 – It was THE event for the insurance sector – that goes for Econ too. We took a lot of valuable knowledge with us, established new contacts and, first and foremost, had the eye-opening effect of our product confirmed again. Whether it’s banks, insurance companies or agencies – every sales representative is immediately enthusiastic upon learning how quickly and easily application processes can be optimized.

DKM on October 26 and 27, 2016 was an important premiere for us, and it was a successful one. We positioned ourselves as a young InsurTech company with a unique solution that is not a competitor to insurance companies but instead fully supports them in making their permanently programmed application processes more flexible and generally easier. Our concept also works in the insurance sector – brokers or insurance companies also need simple tools for creating many process versions, testing them, adapting them quickly and giving them to their sales partners.

Our exhibitor’s workshop “Perfect order forms for optimal conversion in B2C and slim application processes in B2B” was also a success with the expert audience. You can watch a short version on our YouTube channel:

watch video.

We thank all visitors at our stand for the interesting conversations and the organizers for a great event!