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Econ – the software for perfect application processes

What is Econ?
Econ is a browser-based standard software for creating, releasing and administrating online forms.
What is Econ?
Who uses Econ?

Econ is the ideal solution for online forms used by banks, insurance companies, municipalities, authorities, agencies and foundations.

Who uses Econ?
Why did we revolutionize digital application forms?
Why did we revolutionize digital application forms?

More than half of German citizens use online banking. Roughly three quarters would like to use smartphones or tablets for financial transactions. But if you want to open an account, apply for a loan or take out insurance on a mobile device, you encounter obstacles: screens are too small for many forms, usability is often complicated. This is frustrating for consumers – and a challenge for financial service providers. Econ Application provides a solution which radically shortens and simplifies entire online application processes of banks and insurance companies, thus increasing success rates.

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In online or mobile sales, marketing and sales representatives have to maintain and control additional channels. They have to set up online sales processes with forms in different versions, adapt them to different channels and continually optimize them. Digital marketing reaches the best solutions when several versions can be tested in parallel with users online. The solution with the highest conversion rate can then be applied.

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As a FinTech company, we took up the challenge to revolutionize exactly this part of the form process management. We believe that you should never again have to program entire application processes. Users should be able to autonomously test several processes in comparison and subsequently increase their success rate with just a few clicks and without prior IT knowledge. Real-time publishing and service integration make sure that no time is wasted with long release cycles. Econ does these tasks.


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