Mastering Pecha Kucha
Arne Westphal

2016-12-08 – We love the Pecha Kucha format: 20 slides with 20 seconds each is challenging and to the point. Our managing director Arne Westphal has again proved that he can make an audience enthusiastic about the topic of application processes in just 7 minutes.

At the Bankingclub event “Next Generation Customer” on November 29 in Cologne, we gave our Pecha Kucha presentation which you can watch on our Youtube channel.

Regarding the topic “Innovation in application processes: what does the modern interface to the digital customer look like?” we explained the important difference between permanently programmed and flexibly generated application processes. Apart from other interesting topics, we also focused the audience on the need for online form optimization.

It’s important for every financial institute to not only achieve a higher transaction rate, but to also optimize the conversion of their application processes. The journey to the digital customer is not yet over at the interface to the final sale, meaning the online form. On this final stretch, the customers decide whether they complete the process or leave it at a certain point. This happens mainly because there’s a lack of practical measures to analyze customer behavior and test several process versions against each other. Only flexibly designed processes can react quickly and easily to changing customer needs. They also make target-group oriented marketing and multi-channel sales possible.

We were very happy to be among the speakers at this event and are looking forward to the next opportunity to present, or maybe even pitch, in the Pecha Kucha way.